Frugal Travel Tips

Going on holiday is one of the most expensive activities you’ll undertake all year. This is why you need to be aware of some of the best ways to save money both in the booking and the actual experience.

Hotels don’t always offer the best value for the modern traveller and you need to be aware of sites that offer Apartment Rental. Accommodation can range from the most basic room only type dwellings to the height of luxury, and if you’re after prime locations, there are few better options.

Hotels in casino haunts like Vegas can be super costly – an expense which doesn’t apply to the more accessible online casino. This is why you need to be aware of the latest apartment booking resources.

In an apartment you also have the ability to cook your own meals which can be worth a serious amount of money; especially if you’re located in a city centre or tourist hotspot. Treat yourself to a meal out one day, and then dine in the next. Doling out money for food and drinks can be relentless on holiday and this is where most of your cash goes. A hotel room doesn’t always provide such a welcoming environment as a nicely adorned comfortable apartment with genuine living quarters.

Set a limit on your spending money; just like you might at the online casino. Use public transport where you know it’s safe or early enough to do so. It gets you acquainted with the geography of your host city and allows you much more scope for travel, whilst at the same time cutting taxi fares. Putting the foot miles in and using a good map – essential – are also good ways of cutting costs and familiarising yourself with the terrain.

You also need to be able to work out currency conversions in your head quickly to extract the best consumer value; use simple formulas by rounding exchange rates up or down ever so slightly. Those familiar with the casino and online casino may well have the mathematical savvy to this fairly efficiently.

If you’re going abroad, you really need to be aware of things like the best currency exchange rates. You can make a surprising amount of money in the exchange, if the rates you find are a few cents better value.

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