From Metulla To Eilat

a friendly guidebook by Aviva Bar-Am

Israel Travels from Metulla to Eilat is a lively volume that takes you on a virtual tour of Israel from north to south. The book offers a wealth of information about Israel’s ancient and modern history, her unique landscapes and an abundance of natural treasures. You will find From Metulla to Eilat studded with biblical and talmudic allusions, along with tales and legends that legends that have evolved over the millennia.
Read From Metulla to Eilat in the comfort of your home while you learn all about Israel and her people. Better yet, bring the book with you as you enjoy the marvelous scenic drives, easy trails and challenging hikes described within its pages.


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Table of Contents

Upper Galilee and Golan Heights
1.Metulla – village stroll and picnic
2.Shvil Hapetzuim (Path of the Wounded) – family hike
3.Beit Hashomer Museum and Kibbutz Kfar Giladi – family outing
4. Tel Dan Nature Reserve – family nature hike and recreation
5. Beit Ussishkin – family museum
6. Reches Naphtali (Naphtali Ridge) – scenic drive, family nature hikes overlook, monument and picnic
7. Metzudat Yesha/Koah (Yesha Fortress) – family hike and recreation
8. Agamon Hahuleh – family recreation
9. Dardara/Ashmura – picnic site and modern ruins
10. Hirbet Yarda and Ein Yarda (Yarda Ruins and Spring) – family hike, overlook, monument and water
11. Har Bental (Mount Bental) – family jaunt
12. Emek Habacha – Golan battle site overlook, monument and picnic
13. Katzrin Historical Attractions – family outings
14. Nahal Aviv (Aviv Riverbed) – family nature hike
15. Biriya Forest – scenic drive with historic and traditional sites
16. Har Meron (Mount Meron) – 2-car family nature hike
17. Safed Outing – city stroll
18. Goren Park and Montfort Fortress – scenic drive and family nature hikes
19. Me’arat Keshet (Arch Cave) and Adamit Park – family hikes and picnic
20. Peki’in – stroll through picturesque Druze village
21. (Upper) Nahal Amud (Amud Riverbed) Nature Reserve – family nature hike
Lower Galilee, Sea of Galilee and The Valleys
22. Har Arbel (Mount Arbel)
Family hike, overlook and ancient synagogue
23. Museum of Yarmukian Culture – family outing
24. Tiberias Outing – city sights
25. Naharayim – family river walk, island visit, monument and picnic
26. Ma’ayan Harod (Harod Spring) National Park – family recreation
27. Tel Jezreel and the Jezreel Spring – family hike and recreation
28. Beit Keshet Forest – scenic drive, family hikes and picnic
29. Har Kefitza (Mount Precipice/Leap) – family hike
30. Nahal Hashofet (Hashofet River) – family hike and picnic
Mount Carmel, The Coast, Central Israel, Lower Plains
31. Haifa Promenade – leisurely stroll with view
32. Atlit Detention Camp – historical tour
33. Nahal Alexander (Alexander River) Park – family riverside trail
34. Nahal Taninim (Crocodile River) Nature Reserve – family excursion
35. Apollonia National Park – family outing
36. Yarkon National Park – family nature walks, history and recreation
37. Ahuzat Bayit (Old Tel Aviv) – city stroll
38. Tel Aviv /Jaffa Heritage Museums – family outings
39. Angels’ Forest – scenic drive, family hikes and picnic
40. Jewish Quarter – historical sites and family museum
41. Mishkenot Sha’anim to Mount Zion – historical outing
42. Mount Herzl Visitors’ Trail – military heritage walk
43. Jerusalem Heritage Centers – family attractions
new in the 21st century
44. Jerusalem Archeological Park – ancient history and museum
Judean Hills, Upper Plains
45. Sataf – family hike, tunnels and recreation
46. Nebi Samwil (Samuel’s Tomb) – excavations
47. Rabin Park – family hikes, scenic drives and recreation
48. Ein Tzuba (Tzuba Spring) – family recreation
49. Andartat Hatzvi (The Gazelle Monument) – family recreation
50. Tel Tzuba/Belmont – hike and ancient trees
51. President’s Forest Sculpture Route: scenic drive, family hikes and recreation
52. American Independence Park – family hikes and recreation
53. Hirbet Midras (Midras Ruins) – family hike, tunnel and caves
54. Hulda Forest and Herzl House – family hike, museum and picnic
Judean Desert
55. Ein Gedi Outing – family jaunt, wildlife and antiquities
56. Masada National Park – family trip to famous site and cable car ride
57. Qumran National Park – historical tour
58. Flour Cave – family hike
Negev and Arava
59. Be’eri Forest – scenic drive and recreation
60. Mitzpe Ramon and Machtesh (Crater) Ramon – family outings
61. Arava Excursion – scenic drive, parks, hikes and overlooks
62. Besor Route – scenic drive, hike and recreation
63. Evrona – short family hike with tunnel
64. International Birding and Research Center – family trip
65. Dolphin Reef – family fun, beach and friendly dolphins
66. Underwater Observatory Marine Park – sea creature outing


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