Private Guided Tours

Planning trips is like a puzzle: you take everything you know about a destination and the people involved, and put the pieces together until you have the perfect fit.


After publishing seven guidebooks and hundreds of travel articles in the Jerusalem Post, we know an awful lot about this country. Now what we need is information about you and your interests, what kind of travel you like best, and who will be in your party to prepare your individual plan.

Then we put the pieces of your puzzle together with ours. And you end up with an unforgettable trip – special for you!


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8 Responses to Private Guided Tours

  • Shmulik,
    Very interesting article. Nice to see your work in Times of Israel.
    Amir Shaviv, NY

    • Dear Amir,
      Which article did you like? THank you for your feedback!!
      All the best,
      Aviva and Shmuel

  • My daughter & I are staying at karei doshe youth hostel on June 19 & 20 on Mt Abel national park how much it will cost,Thank you

    • Dear Yosefa,
      I didn’t quite understand your question. Karei Deshe is on the water, not in the National Park. Which cost did you want me to find for you?
      Please reply to my email:
      Thanks, Aviv

  • I just read your ZionsGates article at TOI and you made my day.Jerusalem and the old city,My favorite destination in the whole earth.The next visit will be my 7th since 77′.
    Looking forward to it

  • We shall be in Jerusalem from 1st of April. Can you provide us a guided tour for 10 days?

  • Hi Aviva & Shmuel,

    I am writing a very grateful thank you note. I have been reading your Times of Israel articles since 2012, before my first trip to Israel in 2013. I continue to be so happy each time I see a new article whether it was before my 2nd trip in 2017 or my canceled 3rd trip this April to celebrate my 60th birthday. I do serious research for each trip and your articles/photos have added to my learning greatly. I have incorporated several ideas into my trips and the experiences have been fantastic.

    Today I saw the article on the Biblical sculptures. It really hit home because the Tree of Life sculpture was one I wanted to visit when I went to Mount Scopus on the 3rd trip. I am excited to see the next article since I love sculpture gardens and the Billy Rose Garden is one of several sculpture gardens/squares I will visit on that 3rd trip whenever it is. Thank you so so much for all of the armchair travel articles – some of which have and will come true!

    Stay well!

  • שלום, אנחנו גרים ביובלים, משגב ומעוניינים לעשות את מסלול אלי כהן בשבת 8.8 מהתחלה עד הסוף בליבוי שלך אביבה

    אשמח לפרטים

    אנטון וקיילה

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“Your expertise and dedication to planning our trip, combined with Shmuel’s expertise as our tour guide allowed us to have a perfectly organized, fascinating, adventurous and fun family vacation! Shmuel’s energetic nature and enthusiastic personality made him a pleasure to travel with each day!” 

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