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I am coming to Jerusalem in July and would like to ride the Light Rail through the city. How does it work?



The Light Rail is wonderful if you follow this rule:

You MUST buy your ticket ahead of time, and swipe it through the machine inside the second you enter.

Information you should know:

There are two kinds of ticket:

Single, same day 90-minute day tickets.

Multiple tickets for 10, 15 or 20 rides.

A multiple ticket is called a Rav Kav. They are personal tickets and only for the person whose name is on the ticket. They are available at the Mount Herzl Station parking lot, at the Central Bus Station, and at Safra (Municipal) Square.

Single tickets can be purchased at all stops.

Children under five with an adult ride free, unless they are with other children under five. From the second child on, they must have a ticket. Babies in strollers need a ticket, an open stroller with nobody inside requires a ticket during rush hours :7:00-10:00; 15:00-19:00 Sunday through Thursday, Friday until service ends (in summer, around 17:00).

Both types of ticket are good for 90 minutes, and include bus travel. If you buy your ticket at a train station, you must take the train first before you take the bus. If you buy a ticket on the bus, you get a transfer for use on the train.

If you have used your card and reboard within the 90 minutes (and the machines aren’t accurate – 80 minutes, to be sure) you must swipe it again. No need to do anything but keep your bus ticket/transfer with you at all times.

Discounts for students, soldiers and older folks are available for the Rav Kav but not for single tickets.

Single tickets cost NIS6.60.

Rav Kav – Not available for tourists!

The web site for citypass is and it is in English, Hebrew and Arabic.



What is the weather like in June?



It is quite warm in Israel from June through the beginning of October. Temperatures can get up to 32 in Jerusalem and even higher in the desert areas. Jerusalem and the Western Negev cool off at night, however! Sometimes it is cooler in Tel Aviv than in Jerusalem, but still hot and sticky. And it stays that way all day!



How should I get around in Jerusalem?



It is wise to pick a hotel inside the city center or the Old City so that you can walk almost everywhere. When you want to go to the Jewish market, or to the Holocaust Museum, you can take the Light Rail.

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  • How do you use the light rail? And where do you buy the tickets?

    • You buy tickets at the Light Rail stations, and when you board the little train you put your ticket in the ticket machine – be careful to do it according to the little arrows on the ticket.

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Dear Aviva and Shmuel , Just a note to thank you for all of your help on our trip to Israel. Aviva .. your great ideas for the day we were on our own plus your help in booking everything was really helpful and made our first night and day very exciting .Shmuel ..apart from the fact that the kids thought you may actually be one of Supermans cousins .. we really had a fantastic trip. What you managed to show us in Jerusalem considering William is only 8 was amazing. Both the kids loved the water tunnel ( even after a small initial scare !). The day doing Masada ,En Gedi and the Dead Sea was really the most exciting day for us all . Our Israeli friends who came over to join us from Tel Aviv said there was no way they would have been able to fit in so much. Everyone loved it !
Regards, David Glazer .. (and Joel and William)

the Glazer Family