Explore Eilat, Where The Angels Jettisoned Their Paint


The beach and the mountains aren’t the only free attractions at Israel’s Red Sea tourist hot spot.

On my first visit to Eilat, in 1964, I was astounded by its beauty. There were stupendously colored mountains, there was a glistening blue sea, and, as far as I can remember, there was absolutely nothing at all on the shore. Sunset in those days, in that place, was almost an unearthly experience.

Today the sand is covered with beach chairs, hotels and restaurants and the lively atmosphere can be a bit overwhelming at times. Besides, while the beach is free, and so are the mountains, there is a fee for Eilat’s other attractions.
Here are some suggestions for things to do and places to go if you are on your way to Eilat or just need a chance of pace while you are there. And none of them costs money.

Paran Overlook

This overlook is a great place to stop and relax if you are driving south to Eilat on Highway 90 (no left turn if you are on your way back).

Developed by the Jewish National fund, it is just under 100 kilometers north of the city, and next to Moshav Paran. Turn right at the signs and ascend the road.



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