These Routes Are Made For Walking


Stroll, run or wheel your way along seven of Israel’s most scenic, and accessible, promenades.

Would you believe that in Holland, bicycles have the right of way?

Quite a contrast from this country, where you take your life in your hands every time you get on your bike and go into the street.

Finally, however, special biking — and walking — paths have begun to appear along several of our main roads.

Here are just a few lovely bike routes, perfect not only for bikers but for runners trying to keep fit, wheelchair travelers, parents (and grandparents) pushing strollers, people walking with canes, and anyone whose method of transportation is an electric scooter.

1) Shvil Rishonim (Path of the Founding Settlers)
One lovely tree-lined asphalt path, called Shvil Rishonim, runs between Tzemach Junction at the southern end of Lake Kinneret and Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov, and parallel to Highway 90.

A portion of this four-kilometer path is not only safe and beautiful but environment-friendly, featuring unique animal-shaped benches made out of recycled tires and solid waste. Monuments to along the path are dedicated to loved ones who were killed in traffic accidents nearby, on what can be an extremely dangerous road.

2) Katzrin Promenade
Over 7,000 people live in the city of Katzrin, which was established in 1977 and is the largest municipal and administrative area in the Golan Heights. Residential areas host a large park and, only 2 kilometers away, another is found in beautiful Katzrin Forest.

Katzrin boasts a number of major tourist attractions. Among them: the Golan Archeological Museum, Ancient Katzrin Village, the Golan Winery, Golan Magic (Kesem HaGolan), and the Olive Oil Mill (Beit Habad Haisraeli). A lovely, landscaped promenade along the main road (Route 9088) stretches from the commercial center to the tourist attractions.



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